• Net Magik Pros Web Designers Price questions
    • These prices are very expensive to me, do you have a payment plan?
  • Why use Net Magik Pros Web Designers and not a free offer that I have seen on the web?
    • Free server space
    • Free Templates
    • Free Domain Names
  • Does Net Magik Pros Web Designers have referrences?
  • Does Net Magik Pros Web Designers make Macromedia Flash websites?
  • Do I have to have NMP Web name at the bottom of my website?
  • I am representing a corporation and we have very strict rules for our website, can NMP Web handle this?
  • I want to be able to update my website and just have NMP Web create the template for it, is this possible?
  • If NMP Web create a template for my web site, will it be used for someone elses website? Plain and simple, NO!
  • Once NMP Web create my web site, how do I promote it?
  • It sounds like NMP Web is creating my website with their ideas in mind and not my ideas for MY website!
  • I don't understand all of the technical jargon, can NMP Web summarize everything in plain english for me?
    DEFINITELY! We understand that you are not the web designer. As the owner of NMP, I can tell you that I know nothing about car repair.
    I go to a car repairman for that, and I won't understand all of the things that he tells me either. We understand that there is nothing more frustrating than someone using $50 words to talk to you and you still don't understand. We wouldn't want it done to us, and we don't do it to other people.

The best rule to remember is this, if it has your phone number, it should also have your web site address and your e-mail address. If you have a web site, will you put your phone number on it? Then why not put your web address on your yellow page ad, or on your business card, etc.

If you have a radio ad, people will remember your web address more often than your phone number. IDEAS FOR YOUR WEBSITE

This is the NMP Web rule. IT'S YOUR WEB SITE. We will merely suggest ideas to you. Ideas that are based on Experience & Knowledge.
But it's your web site. If you absolutely want something done with your web site. then it will be. These ideas are just suggestions, not orders!


"It has been a pleasure working together with Marc and Barb to make the WGD Forum a big success. They are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to web design and are great contributors to the group. They always go the extra mile to provide excellent presentations as well as help anyone out. I would recommend Net Magik Pros Web Design to anyone who needs a professional website for their business or otherwise. "
Mark S

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