FREE Domain Names

Usually FREE domain names means a hosting company will give you the domain name for FREE  that's ok, but if problems arise, and after some time, you decide to change web hosts, you will have to change your domain name.
This can get really expensive because:

  • You have business cards made up with your domain name on it
  • You probably have letter head with your domain name on it
  • A yellow page ad with your domain name on it
  • Graphics on your vehicle etc. with your domain name on it

All of these things SHOULD have your web site address on it. But now that you want to switch hosting companies, you will (most likely) have to change the domain names, and:

  • Business cards that have your domain name on them
  • Letter head that have your domain name on it
  • Yellow page ad that has your domain name on it
  • Graphics on your vehicle etc. that has your domain name on them

Sometimes you pay a ridiculous price for just the name, but that price isn't readily apparent until these things happen, then it becomes REALLY OBVIOUS how expensive changing a domain name can be! 

The worst part about that whole thing is, you didn't pay for the name originally, and you now have web site traffic going to it!

Now you have to start over, and you can't even argue this because you have no rights to the domain name since you didn't pay for it!

The hosting company merely provided a name for you to use, they paid for it, and they now own it! So how "FREE" was that domain name?


"Marc and Barb were successful graduates of our Computer Programming Department here at M.C.T.I. and so have a diverse background in several areas of Computer Programming besides web pages. They have always been very generous with their time, often helping others with their work. They have even been willing to come back to the school after graduation to share their Web Page making experience with the students (which I appreciated because they now know much more than I do about it !) We are very proud of their excellent work and the success of their business - they are a credit to our alumni. "
Dave Boshka

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