FREE Server Space

FREE server space may seem like a good option to save money, but it comes with many drawbacks and risks.

Some of the disadvantages of using FREE server space from Internet Service Providers are:

  • You cannot have a custom domain name, which makes your web site look unprofessional and hard to remember. For example, your web site address may be something like http://www.aol.com/YourName/index.html instead of http://www.YourName.com.
  • You have very limited storage space, which may not be enough for your web site content and files. You may run out of space quickly and have to delete or compress your data.
  • You have restricted bandwidth, which means your web site may load slowly or not at all if you have too many visitors or large files. You may also face extra charges or penalties if you exceed your bandwidth limit.


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Bob D.

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